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Synthetic Winch Lines

  • Lightweight.

    AmSteel®-Blue winch line is 80% lighter than wire cable.
  • Safe.

    In the event of breakage, AmSteel®-Blue winch lines won’t snapback or whiplash like wire cable. AmSteel®-Blue will not splinter and tear up your hands.
  • Strong.

    AmSteel®-Blue winch lines have a higher breaking strength than wire cable giving you that added peace of mind when dependability is critical.
  • Float.

    AmSteel®-Blue winch lines float in water, an added benefit for visibility and safety.
  • Convenient.

    AmSteel®-Blue synthetic winch lines are torque free and will not kink like wire cable.
  • Genuine.

    AmSteel®-Blue is made of genuine Dyneema SK-75 synthetic fiber.

What Diameter to Choose?

Check out the Winch Line Conversion Guide to make sure you install the correct Amsteel Blue winch line.